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Ciao everyone! :)
Im here with another challenge! Dont ya'll love me for killing your boredom? *shot*

Anyways, the point of this challenge is Mix some songs that match!
Now ya'll might think I'm crazy, and I am, what i mean by this is Pick 2 songs and see if they match.

Example (I dont't care if you use this or not)
"Bitches" by Mindless self-indulgence and "Everybody loves me" by One Republic

Simple right? But the words/lyrics DO have to match. one song can not be a sad song and the other be a happy song. Both must relate!

What not to do example
"weight of the world" By Evanescence and "fireworks" by Katty Perry.

Now the lyrics don't have to be in the same Language. You can have One english song with a spanish song.

"pose" by Yankee-Daddy and "Sexy and I know it" by LMFAO

OH! Also, you can not have 2 songs by the same person. Like no two songs by Kelly Clarkson. Must be different artists.

Like the title says, Mix and match it :)

-Follow theO rules
-Must use 2 songs
-the 2 songs MUST be by two different singers/bands
-The songs must relate
-Can be in different Languages
-Can use Animes/Mangas, Games, and real people...use whatever *shot*
-Yaoi and Yuri allowed, please keep it PG13
-Try to link EVERYTHING you used. Fonts, maybe I will let that slide. Must mention the songs though
-Unlimited entries
-Have fun

Like all of my other challenges, Three months!
Cause ya'll love me for letting you guys procrastinate >w>

Any questions please just ask me! I'm very nice :)

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