Ritona I Need a Hero

I'm gonna make this a pretty simple challenge, m'kays?

So, what I want for you to do is make a card using a comic book hero and/or villain. The characters can be from any comic company (Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc), but I do ask that you try to veer away from using anime/manga characters. Let's try to look a bit westward for this challenge, shall we?

Some examples:
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1.) Please cite all sources (quote, image, etc.).
2.) Proper grammar is a must.
3.) Please don't use anime/manga characters unless otherwise approved.
4.) I'm not homophobic, so BL/GL is acceptable.
5.) Maximum of 2 cards per person.
6.) Card genres may range anywhere from cryptic to inspirational, romantic, etc. The mood of the card entirely depends on you.
7.) Be sure to check your image sources. Since you'll be using comic book sources instead of your usual MT & AP sites, this can be a bit tricky. Be sure to search on the company's main website in image galleries or in their comic galleries. If you need any help with finding images, please ask and I'll do my best to assist you.
8.) Entries will be judged by both me and another anonymous judge.

Oh, and I am judging based on quality. Don't be stupid and submit crap. I've become a heartless meanie over the past year and won't think twice about disqualifying your entry. Kthnx.

You have two months. Get to it.

lol i'm athink bout this.

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