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Hellllo my Dearies! Thanks to all who particpated in my first challenge, Vocaloid, the entries were AHmazing, and I still haven't finished the prizes. *shot*

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Now onto the challenge! Well, obviously its a giver, but for those people, this challenge is quite simple. Its the month of March, the month of flowers, rain and everyone's favorite spring. Now, we all grew up listening to our teachers telling us about leprechauns and pots of gold at the end of the rainbow. Of course, being the gullible person I am, believed it. And trust me, there is no pot of gold at the end of that rainbow, I say from experience. ;)

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So what I want you guys to do is simple: Just make a card that has green in it. It can have pink all around it with a tint of green, or you can have the whole card green if thats the case. But it has to feature something Green in it. I repeat, SOMETHING GREEN IN YOUR CARD! If not, then it will automatically be disqualified.

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This is a very easy challenge, so don't sweat it. Here are some examples:
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

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Hopefully those are enough examples for you guys! ;)

So as you can tell, the green part can be anything: Hair, clothes, text, eyes...hell, it can even be grass for all I care! IT. JUST. HAS. TO. HAVE. GREEN!

♠Dedicate to ME please. I need to find it. If it's not dedicated to me, I'll have to disqualify. Come on guys. Make my life easier. :3
♠IT. HAS. TO HAVE. GREEN! This is a must! I'm tired of saying this lol. If not, then I won't even look at it.
♠In your tags, put GREEN DOG. I wanna see the people who actually read the rules and the people who just make a green card and finish.
♠Don't just crop a picture and slap some words on it. I'm not the greatest card artist, like hell I am. But we're here to make some good cards, so show it! YOU BETTER PUT SOME EFFORT IN IT! OR I'LL SHOOT YOU WITH MY GREEN LAZER BEAM!
♠Follow theO guidelines: I don't want nudity or yaoi/yuri. Make it decent guys.
♠BONUS POINTS: If it gives off a Marchy Springy feeling lol.
♠And of course, last of all, have some fun, you deserve it. ^_^

I have no right to say this when I haven't even finished my last prizes, but I will finish them NO MATTER WHAT! Hopefully I won't get distracted next time. *runs off to look at Kim Hyun Joong's face*

First Place: 3 Cards of choice, 3 Wallies of choice, and an extra card or wallie or iPhone wallie.
Second Place: 2 Cards of Choice, 2 Wallie's of choice, and an extra wallie, card, or iPhone wallie of choice.
Third Place:1 Card of choice, 1 Wallie, and an extra wallie, card, or iPhone wallie of choice.

Honorable Mentions will get 1 card of their choice.

You have 1 Month to do this. I wish you guys good luck and a Happy March to you all!

*tears off Kim Hyun Joong's face and run's with it.*

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Honorable Mentions:
♣Natsakura ~
♣Allie Elric ~
♣BabyD ~
♣alexa arescia ~
♣Kami-chan.x3 ~

Congrats to my winners and honorable mentions and thanks to all my beloved participants! I hope you guys had a wonderful March! ♥

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