ulterego333 Capture the Moment

Hey there fellow otakus
DarkBunny and I have a little challenge for you! we'd like you to capture that special moment between 2 people...

we're looking for A card that shows true love, one that reveals their personalities as 2 different people but also as a couple. Like a kiss on the beach during sunset or a hug that shows true care or simply holding hands (please keep the heat down, we want something sweet and couple-y).



  • het/yuri/yaoi relationships are all ok
  • the quote needs to be a play on words or a pun, with the theme of "Love"

    • True love is what I seek in you, but your love seems too good to be true
    • Love can be a touchy subject.
    • being in love is like eating candy, it's sweet but can get sticky
    • Candy who was a sweet girl married Rich who was a wealthy guy.

    still not sure! check out this page for more examples on puns and wordplay

  • only anime and manga are allowed
  • number of entries is unlimited
  • you can draw the scene if you want but remember to color it and add a quote, after all this is a card challenge.



  • 1st Place: 2 cards + gift (1 card made by DarkBunny and one by me ulterego333)
  • 2nd Place: 1 card + gift (card by DarkBunny)
  • 3rd Place: 1 card (By me ulterego333)
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G u i l t y . ~Ritona
The subject is love. ~Angel Zakuro
Everything was fine... ~LystikinenaXP
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