Pantalaimon1467 That's just the best card EVER, with a goal!

If we reach the goal of 200 before the enc of the week, the goal will be raised from 200 to 250! =D

Hi there everybody!

So, I know some of you might be thinking: again? Yes, indeed, this is my third challenge, and it's based on the same simple rules as my first challenge: create an eCard... But, again, here's the real challenge: It doesn't matter what type you make, or what category, Just make it the best card in that type! So if you make a for fun card, make me fall of my chair from laughing. If it's a touching card, make it so touching that my neighbours can hear me cry!

But here is what makes this challenge different!!! This time, I have a goal! I know we can reach it, so I want to break a record: 200 entries for one challenge! I know it's possible! I give you all three months, and the number of entries is unlimited!

But don't think I'm not going to judge seriously! Even though I know I want this challenge to get a lot of entries, I still judge from the rules as stated above!

These are the prizes:

  • First place: Two requests (cards) and the prices all winners get
  • Second place: one request (card) and the prices all winners get
  • Third place: the prices all winners get

I hope you're in! And you know: every entry is one step closer to 100 entries, and one more chance for you to win!


In order for the goal of 200 entries to be reached, a lot of people need to enter, or some people need to enter a lot of times. So if you read this, whether you are going to enter yourself or not, it would really help if you would feature this challenge ^^


I'll also give the first, second and third place prizes to the people with the most entries. So those with the most entries get the same prices as the winners, only without the medal! ^^ So keep the entries coming! XD

If we reach the goal of 200 before the enc of the week, the goal will be raised from 200 to 250! =D

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