Ritona feed the Senses

Hey guys, thanks to everyone who participated in my last challenge! I had a lot of fun with it, and I hope the rest of you did, too.

And since I got such great response for my last challenge, I decided to host a second one dealing with a harder theme: sense. I would like for you to create a card portraying at least one of the five human senses - Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, or Smell. If you need help finding what this means please refer to this page. And for some good ideas on how to convey the senses in a card, feel free to use these icons as an example.

- Card must deal with at least one of the five human senses.
- Please state in the description which of the senses is portrayed in your card.
- Any type of category is acceptable.
- 2 submissions per person.
- Oh, and lastly - anyone's allowed to enter!

And since you guys liked my prizes so much last time, I'll boost up their worth a little more to see if I'll get just as many (if not more) wonderful entries!

First Place - Two Card Requests + Four Avatar/Icon Requests
Second Place - One Card Request + Two Avatar/Icon Requests
Third Place - Two Avatar/Icon Requests

I will be judging based on creativity and quality, so do your best & good luck!

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