Mint Convallaris (eCard Portfolio) ~>Alone in the middle of darkness<~

~>Alone in the middle of darkness<~

actually I've published this card because I think it could entered only by sending it to ichigoShirayuki. but finally I know that actually have to submit it. hehehehe, thanks to an angel who had told me.
i also slightly improve the words on his card
and now I'll rewrite my messages


Try not to think about getting credit
For doing what you were born to do
Try not to think about how it could have been
But you would
It's all locked in codes, changing the circuit
Running in many ways

Don't cry it's all right
Go find your time
No time to cry
Get up and drive
Go find your life

When you understand
What you can clear
With the heart you were born with
Don't ask for collateral
The more you try to forget
The regret you've become so used to
The more you think about it, but even so
Just try not to forget about today

You don't know until you're there
You just take your luck and see
You don't know what you could be
In myself, I would believe

You're alive, choosing a bright road
Even the shadows give the light form
Live bright life
But don't forget the shadow of the moon
Give a great love
Now don't you worry 'bout a thing
You're alive

Corrector Yui eCards
black, cold, darkness, future, moon, purple
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