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this manga is written in short stories, so spoilers are no huge concern. (there are few main characters)

It was written by Osamu Tezuka, the awesome manga artist who wrote Astro Boy. Believe it or not, I am really just not into Astro Boy... idk, not my thing, but trust me, this guy could write a riveting story! He was ahead of his time, and it has been speculated that he practically created the modern style of manga (I mean, you could debate that, but... I'm not really into trolling, so I will let that go for now)

Dr. Black Jack is known as a criminal, but is he? That is for the reader to decide. (He's my hero, he's no bad guy) He is kind of like the Robin Hood of the medical profession. Here is my description of his character:

Dr. Black Jack (aka Kuro'o Hazama) is an unlicensed, genius doctor. He can cure virtually any ailment, but charges a high price (crazy high). People see his prices as cruel and unusual, but Black Jack does not charge so much for his own greed. He believes that life is the most valuable thing in the world, and that his huge prices convey the huge responsibility and privilege that every day is to the living. Black Jack does not work FOR the payment, he simply regards it as a way for a patient to appreciate what they have. He operates on refuges, kings, orphans, even animals.

Perhaps someone else's words are a bit more eloquent...
As stated on Wikipedia, "Black Jack cures patients indiscriminately, from common folk, to presidents, to yakuza leaders, though he charges all of his patients absurdly high sums. This has given him a reputation for callousness and greed that he cultivates gleefully. In actuality, Black Jack possesses a complex personal code. He will cure a patient for free if they move him with the story of their suffering; however, he always establishes a patient's willingness to pay beforehand. If Black Jack cannot discover a redeeming story behind a patient, his charges stand."

There are other main characters, but they are not introduced until later in the series. You learn about Black Jack's childhood, his school years, the accident that scarred his body, his deep love for human life, and his friends and rivals.

It's a great series. I read the manga, but there is also a show (you can watch it with English subs, but it has yet to be translated into English)

There were a few movies made in the early nineties. These WERE translated (I own one of them, the guy who plays Kakashi-Sensei in Naruto plays the bad guy, lol)

I hope that you read/watch Black Jack! The story is heart warming and tragic at the same time. Such a writer Tezuka was! I believe that his stories will live on for many generations.

Font used: Anime Ace 2.0 ("Black Jack" The original writing on the comic scan got all blurry when i resized the image)
04b_03 "life is precious
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thanks for the invitation, twas an honor!

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