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You and Me

Haaaay all.. :D
Long time no see~
I haven't uploaded any arts before..
gomenasaiii.. >_<
It's just a fortunate, Myself haven't seen TheO for so looong, and Kurihara Akane just send me an request to enter ( @Akane.. : Thanks for the request! :DD ). I am sooo glad to have a contest after my sooo longg not updating.. :3
Another fortune is that the contest ended by 17th of December,, so I got time.. :D

About the card..
I just missed Bleach and I haven't touch up with them lately.. So why not Bleach? :D The song theme I choose os Orange by Lil B and it is alsi the 15th ending music from the anime..
*Sorry I can't give you the ending link, because some videos are prohobited to be uploaded in youtube.. Aaaa @_@*

Here is the lyric:
Another short night, lost in your e-mail
Alone in your room, with nothing but the screen’s glare
Feeling happy and hurt at the same time
This goes on all night… “today” is long gone
Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside…
Do you even know what silly thing you’re arguing about?
Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside while they grin at each other
They’re oranges that glow like the sun
So many pictures of your dreams you want to display
We could get lost in the endless memories of those days
I told you, if you’re not with me
I’ll never say a word about them
Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside, the future comes along
Will it bring arguments, or compromise?
Smiling on the outside, crying on the inside…looking serious and moving on
I want another bite of this bittersweet orange

It's about Orihime's love to Ichigo.. Err, i know that some of you maybe deny this and yell IchiXRuki, but I just suddenly miss of Orihime,and also her nice attitudes.. I like her kindness eversince so sure, so I make a card about her and her admire: Ichigo.. Tee Hee! :D
Sources: Aethereality, and google for the images.. Sorry, i was random searching images of both couple that I had no link to copy at. I'm forgot.. @_@
Here you go..
I hope you like it.. :)
Also if there is any critic, or comments ,just let me know, I'll be glad of it ^^
Favs, hugs and subs are appreciated to..

Sorry if i write it toooo long, because I'm fascinated to enter this contest.. XD

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