MangaKid (eCard Portfolio) Extraordinary-To my SS!!

Extraordinary-To my SS!!

ItachiSasuke, you're my SS for ecards!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Surprised, Bonnie?? lol how about SHOCKED!!!!! XD

Let me tell you the whole story...
I didn't originally get you for SS. I got Dytah Dorojin who had you and would have been your ecard maker. xP The coincidence is unbelievable!!!

Anyway I had her ecard made but last weekend on Saturday night, Dytah disappeared. She deleted her account I think. I wouldn't have known except I was going to participate in one of her ecard challenges so I got in touch with her before she left. And I noticed she was gone when N pointed out that the challenge didn't have a creator anymore and we couldn't find her anywhere!

Sooo I got in touch with chibi-anna-chan and told her what had happened. Chibi-anna-chan said I didn't have to participate if I didn't have time to make another card. But if I did have time, my new SS would be... YOU!!! I honestly COULD NOT BELIEVE IT!! Especially since I was dreaming of getting you for a SS in the first place (no offence to Dytah). So the other day I had to think up a something fast for you... I looked at your wishlist again but I wanted to find a extra special image and quote for you.

I stumbled upon this image while browsing through snow/anime people on google images. And I made the quote up myself^^ It came to me while I was editing the image. I really really hope you like it lots!
You are that extraordinary snowflake, Bonnie. I can't believe I got you for SS but its even more amazing that we are connected in friendship on this website and we also live so close to each other as well. I'm beyond grateful to have an awesome friend like you^^ Talk about Providence ^^ teehee This might just be one of my best Christmases yet :) Thankyou SO much

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