potatolicious628 (eCard Portfolio) cool-looking, useless TOYS :D

cool-looking, useless TOYS :D

Here's mai entry~

I think we all had some insane toy we all used to like and love when we were kids, be it some bratz doll or a puppy-in-my-pocket figure, that until now, we never really had forgotten; Yeah, those were the times when we cherished that cool toy, and we all believed(i bet) that if we had one, we'd be like the coolest kids on the block!

Aand probably right now as you guys are recalling what these toys were, I bet that some random smirk or grin slowly crept along your faces, huh? Lol.

For me, one of these toys, was the almighty B-DAMAN(damn i was one lil'tomboy back then). I know that some of you hated it from the start, but for me, just seeing the marbles fly out of mini-plastic-robot-thingies, got me all excited :D

Yeah, the anime was crap, no, actually the entire franchise IS crap...BUT SO WHAT? I loved how Grey in the anime was all cool with his b-daman, and I believed so much that having one would make me sooo awesome. Back when I was a kid i couldn't help but ask my mom to buy me several sets of b-daman, but even though they're all gone now from that shelf in my room, I just can't help but laugh at how i used to break some parts as i assembled a set. It may be crappy now, however it was one of those toys that made my childhood as fun as it should be :D

so...YOU GUYS GOT A PROBLEM WITH B-DAMAN!? then go ahead and rant in the comment box! i don't care(lol). But i hope you guys all enjoy this card anyways!

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