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Thank you for visiting this page and with no further a do, I'll get on with the challenge.

The challenge; (insert Beethoven 5th Symphony here)
I want you to draw your OC with someone else's OC!
Pick any theOtaku member's OC (but make sure you didn't violate their copyright and rights.) and draw them together with yours. OH, and it can be more than two OC, it depends on your capability. ;D

-I want to see some creativity~ make sure they have awesome posture that even beats Maito Gai and Lee! ...oh, wait, that's not right.
-Colored or not colored is fine with me~ ^w^ however, please include background, so I will know where they are. XD
-Unlimited submission and you don't have to dedicate it for me. Instead, how about you dedicate the piece to theOtaku member who kindly enough to let you draw their OC?
-I'm not sure if I'll be able to go online at the end of Disember if I put two month...but I'll still give you guys two months to finish it.

-Excessive sexiness is a no-no.
-No stealing other's idea.
-No eating while drawing. (eeh, hold on...scratch that.)

Anyway, if I didn't describe enough, you can always ask me by commenting or if you're afraid someone might read your question and gets idea from it, you can send me a PM instead. =w=

The prizes:

1st place: A wallpaper of your choice, a wallpaper or eCard using your art, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 3 gifts and a quote made specially about you.

2nd place: A wallpaper of your choice, an eCard using your art, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 2 gifts.

3rd place: A wallpaper of your choice, an eCard using your art, a drawing of your OC (your choice), 1 gift.

I will ask your permission thou before I used your art for the wallpaper, and you can also say no if you don't want to.

Others: Gift for participating, medals and a free thumb up from me. *is shot* jk~ ^^

And also, for the winning entries, I'll prepare gifts for those who lend you their OC. They may choose either wallpaper, e-card or fan art as their gifts.
And others, gifts!!!

**Note that every gifts contain quotes.

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