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It's been awhile since I last made challenges! Hmm....Well, this challenge has to do with my original characters(No duh!X3)! Anyway, I'll get right down to it:

Concept: Easy! All you have to do is draw any one of my OCs that I have submitted on the sight. BUT you MUST keep the hair color, eye color, skin color, and clothing style. But the outfit will be up to you guys! I'll give ya a link to each OCs to make it easy and what their personalities and clothing styles are like! Oh! And I'll be giving an option to draw a little bonus OC that I haven't drawn yet but made her profile. So you have to read on that one.X3


Ryuuska: (Yeah. I know her outfit was un-original, but with you guys I may get some inspiration if any of you choose to draw her!X3)
About Ryuuska: Ryuuska's a healer and wields magic as her weapon too. She's kindhearted, calm, and can seem a bit childish sometimes(as in a bit of a klutz or slow at times.X3), but is mature none the less. She wears alot of blue, white, a bit of black, and other light colors when it comes to clothing. She wears shorts, Capri pants, skirts(whist sometimes have leggings under them), and dresses. She's one of my fewer female OCs that wear more skirts and dresses then others. She wears a blue headband usually in her fighting outfit(And yes, she has a small beauty mark under her left eye, I thought it was a cute touch!X3)

Hana Yurino(Most Recent drawing) Hana Yurino(Older drawing)
About Hana: She's innocent, kind, gentle, though her personality is more childish and lively then Ryuuska's. Hana is both a magic user and sword or blade master. Her large sword(in my recent drawing of her), is infused with her powers and magic making for an unbelievably strong weapon. Her clothing style is usually described 'innocent'. She mainly wears skirts and when she does it's kinda tomboyish sometimes the way she wears her outfits. She usually has her hair down and with a ribbon(or bow) tied in her hair from behind and it's still down. Her outfits in color are usually of lighter or medium colors. Not too dark really. Her clothes also have some black in them but not much.

Soren Yagami
About Soren: He's anti-social and has a "get the job done" or "get this over with" personality. He's calmer then most and usually doesn't flip out and such. His friends say he's 'boring', but really is just bored and uninterested when it comes to what his friends call "fun". Though he lets himself get dragged around anyway. He's not the type to talk much about his past unless he decides to. When his friends act childish or in the more lighter moments, he tends to smile softly. He smirks too in certain situations. He doesn't laugh very much, but it's usually soft laughter if he does. Soren's style of clothing is usually blue and silver colors. Mainly dark blues and he also wears blackish colors too. His clothing style varies so there's no word to describe it. But since he wears dark blues his is described as "somewhat dark yet modern". He's nicknamed the "Calm Dark Abyss" due to his abnormal nature of being calm all the time.(Oh! And his hair is usually tied up and is either behind his back or either one of his shoulders when pulled up. His Hair is kinda shoulder length or a bit longer.)His eyes are mismatched, left eye green and right eye crimson red.

Rusei Haruko:
About Rusei: He has a calm and silent demeanor. Not the type to mess with. He usually has an attitude if people annoy him(Basically Satou or any other OC that's loud, lively, and obnoxious.). He has small piercings in his ears, some hidden from his short shoulder length salmon colored hair. His clothing style has a dark yet punk-like flare. He mainly wears red and black outfits with a crimson cross design on at least one part of his clothing. He wears chokers around his neck as an accessory. He tends to wear black and red clothes alot(mainly all the time) no matter what he's wearing. He has a gun named "Hades" and a Sword that's linked to his powers over Crimson Fire(or blood/Crimson hell fire. It's hotter then your normal flames). Link to Hades(yeah I suck at gun drawing. But it's optional if you wanna draw his gun. Frankly I do need a new design for his gun too...):Rusei's Gun "Hades"

About Nakado: His personality is usually tactical, serious, and sarcastic. He doesn't smile very much, in fact it's rare for him to do so. He usuallt wears clothes casual yet dark. He prefers to do work alone. His hair is shoulder length and is either tied up or left down. His hair is dark brown. He's calm and always has some plan in tight situations. His weapon is a Katana.

Kisuke Abarai:
About Kisuke: Unlike his older brother, Tosuku Abarai, Kisuke smile more. He tends to look "emo" or "goth" because of his clothing and hairstyle. But he tends to not particularly act the part. He wears a headband around his forehead, and the blond streaked hair strands on his right cover his right eye and about almost the right ride of his face. His hair is short black hair with the blond hair streaks covering his right eye. His weapon for now is unknown. His eyes are bluish green.

Sakashi Ukai:
About Sakashi: He has a mellow/laid back personality. Often described as a "I could care less" or a "I'll do what I want so don't bug me" personality as well. His hair is a dark blue/navy color(and often tied up like how Neji from Naruto's hair is tied up). He wears ninja styled clothing and his left eye is an orange/ember looking color while his right is an icy aquamarine blue color.

Kyon(recent drawing):Kyon(full body)
About Kyon: Doesn't smile much. If he does, it's often a grin, smirk, or soft smile. His clothing style varies. But it's usually dark, maybe casual, Frankly he's not very picky about what he wears. It's sometimes described as punk. But he does wear chokers with any outfit he has. His hair is long and if he doesn't want it down he ties it up.

About Renka: She's a martial artist and isn't one to wear skirts unless she has pants or leggings under them. She's kindhearted, protective, and is a tomboy to the core. There's like no girly bone in her body. She sometimes can be too overprotective thus, going over board with things. Her clothing style, like her personality, is of coarse, tomboy. Her hair is long and reaches to her hips(and is a darker color then in the link above). She has green eyes.

About Ray: Not much to say about his clothing style. So it varies.(Wanna know more about him, just read the description on the fanart description it'll help more). He can be compared to a fox.X3

About Chikara: His hair is long(but you can make it short or less long then what I drew!) and is white with black in the hair strands. His eyes are dark green and he has a single earring in his left ear. Clothing style varies but is often that of an adventurers or casual. Mainly casual though.(Like Ray, you should read the description of Chikara in the fanart description for a better help)

Yuri Takahashi(pic 1) Yuri(pic 2)

Haru(It has Yuri(the OC above this one) in it, so if anyone wants to draw Haru(the one with green hair), it's fine with me. If you have questions about him, just ask.^^

Tosuku Abarai(recent drawing)Tosuku Abarai(older drawing)

Laguna(If you're good at drawing wolves, or fenrirs, or anything in that nature then feel free to draw Laguna!X3 Just something extra, Laguna and Maria are both companions.)

Cari Ishida
Kohei & Ryuichi(Twin brothers) (You can either draw them together or either one!X3)
Eden(pic 1)Eden(pic 2)

Bonus OC:(one that's just a bio info, not yet drawn)
Kei Hashimoto(Feel free to take a shot at drawing Silver and Shadow! Or you could just draw them with Kei! And yes, you'll have to read ALL of the INFO to get a better idea of drawing Kei, Silver, or Shadow, or all 3 since they're together all the time!)

2. YOU MUST KNOW THE CHARACTERS PERSONALITY FOR THE CLOTHES, AND EVEN FACIAL EXPRESSIONS! So if you wanna know more about about the OC, Just ask me by commenting, or PMing me!
3. They can be in any pose, or setting if you like drawing backgrounds!
4. This challenge has UNLIMITED ENTRIES!
5. In the submission you MUST state the OC belongs to me and it's optional whether you wanna dedicate it to me or not. As long as you give copyrights saying the OC belongs to ME!
6. Have fun!^^

If you wish to know more about the OCs you're choosing to draw, just ask me by PM or comment! If you're unsure about something, just ask! The point of this challenge is for you to draw my OCs in your style and how you vision them as based on their personalities and clothing style!
NOTE: The OCs(not the bonus), I haven't made their profile info for them, so you'll have to ask me whether you wanna know about the OCs better so you'll get a better concept on how they should be drawn. Also some of the characters I haven't redrawn yet so most of them are older pictures of the characters than recent.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners receive a comment congratulating them, pride in entering this challenge, a medal on their profile, and an eCard made out of their winning submission.

Participants receive a "thank you for participating" comment and what I thought of your drawing, a gift with the character saying a 'thank you' of some sort for entering.

Deadline is 3 months!

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