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*deep breath* Kay people, I got promoted ages beyond ages ago, but I couldn't exactly think of a good enough challenge to make... But lo and behold, I finally thought of something good enough to give a try!

Alright! So basically, I would like you to draw the characters of an anime in the theme of Alice in Wonderland! Simple enough, right? (This is the part where you agree wholeheartedly with me ^^) I don't care what anime it's from, as long as you're creative with it!

*~ Here's a List of the Roles, If You Need Them ~*
Cheshire Cat
Mad Hatter
White Rabbit
Queen of Hearts
Tweedledee and Tweedledum
March Hare
Flamingos (Haha)

Examples (In case my elaborate explanation wasn't enough)

Restrictions~* (Because that sounds cooler than "Rules")

1. No original characters, please... So in other words, from Anime. Or Manga. That's it.

2. I would prefer you to include at least two characters from the anime you choose (Keyword: Prefer)

3. It would be nice to see a little COLOR~! (But if you don't feel like coloring it, I guess that's understandable... ^^)

4. Please, make the picture original! That means no stealing poses/settings/blah-de-blah from any Wonderland anime pictures on the internet... (Make sense?)

5. Follow the rules of the O!

6. Though I don't know how you would incorporate it into this challenge, no yaoi or yuri, please ^^

7. A background isn't required... But still, like Rule 3, if you don't feel like it, I'll shut up about it, no worries!

8. Make it interesting~!


- The more suited a role is to a character, the more likely I'll be able to understand it

- That being said, if a role is extremely unsuited, that could be pretty funny too xD

- I'm going to shut up now


For First Place: 1 Colored Fanart request, 1 Card Using Your Art, 3 Gifts

Second Place: 1 Black and White Fanart request, 1 Card, 2 Gifts

Third Place: 1 Black and White Fanart request, 1 Card, 1 Gift

* Fanarts can be of an OC or any existing character
- THIS style or THIS style.

** You can choose lyrics for your fanart if you choose the second choice, of course ^^

*** I forgot to mention, all participants will receive one gift from yours truly ^^

This is completely open to your interpretation! You may submit as many times as you want, there's no limit on the number of submissions! No spamming tho.Other than that, I don't think this really needs much more of an explanation? But if you're still confused, feel free to PM me or leave a comment with any questions, I'd be happy to answer them!

*If you don't know what Alice in Wonderland IS, then you're basically screwed.
** I'm kidding, jeez!

Good Luck! You have three months~*

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