Pikmin541 Bring On The Red!

Pffft- Lame title I know.XD

Alright guys, I have no idea if you remember my last contest I did like... a year ago.XD It was called "I'm Blue da do de da do daa" or something along those lines. (So many people commented saying they thought the lyrics were 'if I was green would I die?' and such...Honestly, I don't know.XD)
But the main point of that contest was to draw a picture ONLY using the colour blue. And I also said that if you drew with Blue Crayon, you would get a bit of bonus points.<:D Because who remembers being a kid and only using crayons?

Ok, I want to make it a like the old one I did.^^ But, sadly, in the old I said people who use photoshop and such couldn't enter. Honestly, the reason for that was because I wanted to get more traditional artists to...*ahem* 'shine'.
With this one, however, anyone using anything can join.:D So anyone who uses photoshop or such can also join, along with the traditional art ones.

- You HAVE to only use red, or also shades of red. But if you're making it light, please do not make the shade as light as pink.
- Keep it Pg-13, which is along the site rules.:3
- You CAN put Yaoi/Yuri if you wish, BUT ONLY THE SWEET KIND. Nothing lustful. Again, keep it Pg-13 and following site rules.
- You may submit up to five entries if you want.^^
- You do NOT have to use a red crayon in your drawing, but I'm just throwing it out there as a suggestion.:3
- Use any type of media you want, I'd just really love it if you used the colour red, or also shades of red, and that you kept it PG-13
- OH! I also want to say that I DO NOT want people to put up BASES on this challenge.
It gets on my nerves. I mean, it's ok and all to use a base, but I sorta wanna see some of your own talent.<:(

Oh, I fail at rules.>>; If I didn't mention anything you're wondering about, then feel free to comment or pm me a question.^^

OH...Just because it's red, does not mean it has to be something bloody! If you need some idea's, how about you think about things you like that are red.<:3 Or think about the emotions that could be used.
Also, when I say I want you to use red, I mean NO black from inking and stuff. I mean the whole drawing is Red and White. Not a inked picture that the person has red hair or something. I mean red outlines and red shades for the shaded areas, white for the parts you want white and such. DO you understand?<:D

Alright, so here comes the prize listings.>:D

-First place will get a coloured picture of their choice and a line-art.:3 As long as it's in what I will draw.
-Second place will get a two line-arts of their choice, as long as it's in what I will draw.:3
- Third place will get one line-art of their choice, as long as it's in what I will draw.:3

I will only draw within the site rules. That means things that are PG-13 and follow the site rules!D:<
I will draw Yaoi/yuri, but I will only draw...sweet yaoi/yuri. Like them holding hands or hugging and such. NOTHING LUSTFULLLL!
And I won't be drawin people any nekid peeps.o___e;; just sayin.

Uhm, I believe that covers up everything.:D Again, feel free to PM me or comment if you have a question!:D

Also, look at my drawings before you decide to join.Just sayin.

And I'm also sorry for those that I invited, and if you guys thought that was rude of me.;w; Sorry.

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