Blysse Freestyle It Up!

Retarded title. Sorry. :P

This is my first challenge, so if there's anything you would like to critic, please feel free to do so!

Plain and simple. You can draw just about anything you want. (:

One disappointment! Challenges always (or should always) come with rules! *hears you groan* Deal with it!

Keep it PG-13
Keep it at theO's standards
Yaoi and Yuri ARE acceptable
Any anime or OCs are acceptable, but please say what they are or use the Category list
Black and white (uncolored) is acceptable

You dedicate it to me and mention something about my birthday, which is on May 24th. (:
It's colored.
You draw the characters listed below.

1st Place: One colored fanart of your OC (since I can't draw actual anime characters, sorry!) + 3 gifts
2nd Place: One colored fanart of your OC + 2 gifts
3rd Place: One colored fanart of your OC + 1 gift

All participants will get a shiny medal of participation and a gift!

Please comment or message me if you have any questions! You have one month! (Which means I'll judge them after my birthday.)


EDIT: Also! You can get bonus points if you draw...
Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
Alphonse Elric (preferably from 2nd series ending) from Fullmetal Alchemist
Death the Kid from Soul Eater
Soul Eater from Soul Eater

ATTENTION! (5/27/11)

You will eventually get your gifts and prizes. I'm sorry for the delay, but school just got out and I thought I would have enough time to give out my gifts and prizes, but the challenge didn't end yesterday or the day before like I thought it would (my first challenge, remember?). It might take a few days, it might day a few weeks. I don't like letting others wait on me, so I will try. I'm having a rough time with family right now and we're going to a hotel for a few days over the weekend. Thank you for participating in my challege.

Congratulations!! I will be taking your requests and there's no rush in messaging your request. And hopefully you will understand there will be no rush on drawing and submitting your requests. Sorry! ^^"

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Why do you stare ~Samedi-Mai
Eclipse-Demon Diary ~aragorn1014
Kamijou of Versailles ~
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