Tasty Challenge

For this challenge I'm asking you to draw any character or characters with a type of food or drink. I don't care what character/s you use they can be from anime, manga, video game, Disney, Oc's anything! the picture just has to include food in some way, it can be desserts, candy, fruit, vegetables, or any kind of food you can think of or any drink. you can use soda, booze, tea or other drinks instead of food if you'd like. I also don't care how you include the food. The character/s can be eating or sitting in food or a food house etc whatever you can think of!

--------------- Guildlines ----------------

* Oc's CAN be used
* Chibi's CAN be used
* More than one character can be used
* A Food or Drink MUST be included
* Does Not have to be colored
* Does Not have to have a background
* Can be a character/s from ANY show, movie, game etc.
* Any other questions ask me!

------------- Prizes ----------------

For prizes everyone who enters will get a gift and a ribbon. and since It's summer and I'll have the time I'll do some other prizes as well.

1st Place: 1 colored fanart of your choice, and 3 ecards of your choice.
2nd Place: 1 black and white fanart of your choice, and 2 ecards of your choice.
3rd Place: 1 Chibi fanart of your choice, and 1 ecard.

Judges of the drawings will be Me My little sister Nikki My friend Eliza and my friend Jack

Thanks for participating! and I hope you have fun! Also to those of you I invited you don't have to participate I just invited everyone I could think of! XD

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fight for the ice-cream ~hopinmadbek
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Tea Time ~aka yuki
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