ArcticFoxDemon Create A Look/Logo For A Techno Musician!!!!

Hello everyone! Its ArcticFoxDemon presenting you all with another challenge =D Recently i have gotten into the business of techno/electronic (etc) music!! The past year i have composed a LOT of music under the name DJTranceFoxx, and some of my music even was featured in clubs and stuff around my area!!

NOW, I have decided to change my musician's name from DJTranceFoxx to
DarKFoXxFive!!! And have made a new youtube account and re-uploaded all of my music! Aaaaaanyway I am working on a costume and a WHOLE new look. WHY? Because i have been asked to run the music and be a special artist at a few local shows! (For more about my Costume look farther down.)

One thing I am lacking is a good picture, a catchy logo, something to really catch the eye of people everywhere!

I challenge you to create a picture using my name DarKFoXxFive, incorporate a fox, and have colors that would represent someone who raves and stuff. (Think Daft punk and Deadmau5!!!)

I'm looking for the FACE of DarKFoXxFive!!

The Top three winners each receive a medal, but the FIRST place winner's art goes straight on my youtube page, becomes my youtube profile picture, is used for my newest song, and BECOMES A POSTER FOR THE 2 CONCERTS I HAVE SCHEDULED =D (With correct credit given to the winner of course ^^)

Sooooo what do you need to do?

1. In the picture have the name DarKFoXxFive
2. Incorporate a Fox in the picture (Or My Costume).
3. Be artistic and go crazy!!!!
(A good hint: I love the colors Red and black =D )

You in? =D

P.S Post any questions here and i will reply to you ^^
If you have further questions email me at [email protected]
Enter as many times as you want; I have given you total creative liberty

Youtube Channel:

Please Subscribe and add as well. Since i made a new account, all of the subscribers and friends were lost T^T

Tips For the Contest

You dont have to, but you may want to incorporate my costume (can be used instead of a fox)

My costume is a black helmet with a LED pannel of lights that flash and spell words on the front. I control what colors flash and what words go across the screen. The LED pannel goes across where the eyes are. Covering my head is a black hoodie. There are holes cut out of the hood and there are red/black fox ears sticking out of my helmet through the hoodie. So go wild with your rendition of my costume and maybe ill incorporate it into my final costume =D


Thank you all for the participation! I had a hard time deciding between all of your submissions, i loved them all!!

1st Place went to Natsu Nii! This was a wonderful representation! And you will be proud to learn that it'll be the picture for my newest song "Lost In A Dream" and will also be the NEW poster for my debu at a concert at the University! Congrats! <3

2nd place went to xBerserkerage. I looooved this one. It was done really well and I just love the expression and the headphones! Although yours will not be the poster for my concert, I will use it for my profile picture on Youtube! Great job!!!!

3rd place went to byakuyarox1!!! The art style you used for this piece is very neat! I really liked this one a lot =3

I hope you all had fun! Enjoy the music and keep watching my youtube channel for more updates on the concert and the use of the winners art!!!

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DarkFoXxFive ~Natsu nii
Enlarged Fox ~xBerserkerage
DarkFoXxFive ~byakuyarox1
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