Gimme a Lolita!

Shoot! I've been discovered! ()

So here's the thing... I'd like you guys to draw me a lolita just like what I've seen in Kuroshitsuji (or any other places) I don't mind as long as it's LOLITA Ngehehehee... Evil isn't it?

Ehem... Everything has their own rules so here's mine:
1) Submit until your head explode, I'll pick only one.
2) The best is the best no more no less (I wonder what that means lol)
3) You can submit Ciel or Sebastian themselves if you don't have any idea what lolita means.
4) Uh... You want more rules?
5) Is it necessary?
6) I encourage the colored one but I won't add the points.

Okay, who's in?! *Raise hand* No you can't! You're the creator DUH! (Ignore me, I'm talking to myself again)

So, here's the referee:-
1) Ciel
2) Sebastian and Ciel
3) Ciel again (I'm so into Ciel! XD)
4) Ciel and Sebastian
5) Lastly (Finally?), LOLITA!!!!!

Winner's will get~

1st place:
Requested drawing (colored) and a gift.

2nd Place:
Requested drawing (uncolored) and a gift.

3rd Place:
Requested Card and a gift.

You have 3 month starting.... NOW! Don't waste your minutes and go! go! go!

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