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Hello! Welcome to my second challenge. Yay! hehe. I decided for my second one (I came up with this today) and thought it'd be good. If you want to know any details or any changes just comment below!
So you know how you always wonder if your favorite character from TV/anime/manga had a different personality, what would they look like? Well, you'll now get to draw them yourself. I want you to draw the character (you may use ocs) as how they would look if they had a different personality. If they're shy, draw them outgoing, or the opposite. Or if they are happy, draw a dark gothic version of them. The list goes on. As long as they're different from what they normally are, I'll take it. But nothing too close together like shy and kind. Too close. It doesn't have to be colored, but you can do whatever you enjoy doing. For gifts, I'll let you pick your own. Don't be modest! I'll let you know I'm not good at wallpapers or ecards but if you want an e-card I can whip one up. Fan arts as I said are what I enjoy mostly. If there's a specific picture you want me to draw, I can do that too! Just send it to me on a pm or comment after the challenge is over. Have fun. Don't get any hand cramps. Also, I have to be able to tell what their personality is so below your submission, just type out what they are like on a daily basis. You can change outfits, hair color, minor details, etc.
I think that's all. I don't want to bore you. I hate reading a lot of words on a page but I love books. So there you go! I'll give you two months.
P.S. You don't have to join if I invited you. You can enter as many times as you want.

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