NekoTenshiEmi At The Beginning With You~

This contest is relatively easy!

Please go back to THE ABSOLUTE FIRST fanart submission in your THEOTAKU.COM Gallery and redraw it!

This is an improvement challenge! :)

Entries will be judged on:

1. Following the Rules
2. Improvement / Time
3. Overall picture composition
4. Skill
5. Effort


1. It must be THE FIRST PICTURE in THEOTAKU.COM GALLERY. NOT some other picture, NOT a picture in your DA/SA Gallery. I would appreciate being honest about this and not deleting old pictures to get a certain one to line up :)

2. The picture does not have to end up identical! I must be able to tell that it is in some way a redo, but you are welcome to change details to make an overall better image :) This includes pose changing/adding details/changing colors/etc etc etc. Basically as long as I can tell that it was in some way inspired by the original, I'll let it fly ;)
Example: I found this on DA that is kind of what I mean, but feel free to change even more!

3. Digital and Traditional art will be weighted EQUALLY. Those who don't accept digital art as actual art annoy me. XD It's JUST as much work to draw a beautiful picture on a tablet. :)

4. THAT BEING SAID - Use of Bases/Tracing/etc will NOT be tolerated. If you want to use some form of stock/patterns/etc please follow crediting rules!!! I will disqualify entries that I believe to be traced/etc.

5. Feel free to ask any questions! :)


First Place: 1 Colored Fanart from either Maki or Emi (Your choice)
Second Place: 1 Flat Color Fanart from either Maki or Emi (Your choice)
Third place: 1 Sketch/Lineart from either Maki or Emi (your Choice)

We both have different things that we will and will not draw :)

Thanks for reading! I hope you decide to enter!

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