Make/Draw me a... Dragon

Very simple challenge seeing as i have been away recouping for so long. I just want you to draw a dragon.
Easy peasy

you can do any colour type use any media you want so long as it is all your own work (if you use photoshop brushes other than the defult give credit). I love pictures that are in colur, but a well drawn and shaded black and white pic can still get brilliant reviews and sometimes look more stunning.

max of 3 enteries per person

what am I judging on:

Asthetics- this is a lot of personal choice by me. kinda hard to tell ya what i like

Quality- does it look clean and complete or like a rough sketch (sketch isn't necasairily bad btw)

Composition- is it just a simple side on veiw or something dynamic. is there scenery or just a drgon. is it an action shot etc is there a mood to it, emotion?

prizes won't be much as i currently can't make anything. a gift with the place you got and a mention in my world randomness.

you have one month... GO!

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