Saerily Tell a Story!

hey guys! Long time no challenge!
okay, for this one, the idea may seem a bit...difficult
but I'm making this so you can put ALL of your effort into it!
Now, I'm sure you all know how people use pictures to tell stories, such as comics and manga,
but how about telling a story with only ONE picture?
now, most of you will be thinking, only a tiny space to fit an entire story?!
and some of you can and will be able to do that! But, there is also an option to make multiple pictures within the picture! And no, it is not inception,
just think of something like this! (obviously smaller, due to the size restrictions!)

alright, get the idea?
rules time!
1) Let's make this original! No characters for any comic, anime, manga, show,
only originals!
2)you CAN use a song for inspiration, and include the lyrics into your art, but bonus points if you don't!
3) if you use a song for inspiration and don't write the words on the picture, please include the song in your description!
4) just to clarify-you CAN use a song, but you don't HAVE to,
5) make sure you can tell what's going on! if it's a bit hard to understand due to characters personalities/back stories, just write it down in the description!
Have fun with this! Take your characters, and put them in a whole new story,
elaborate on their current story, do whatever, JUST TELL A STORY!

umm.... if you want them, just ask!

You have 3 months, since I want you to take your time and think it through!

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