SunfallE Your Art in theOtaku’s News: Take Two

Last year we hosted a contest for having Your Art in theOtaku’s News. The idea was to replace the default image with a member created fan art to represent all of the site updates. Now that it has been over six months it is time to host another contest for the next design to represent site updates.

So like before the winner of this contest will have their own design show up for all site updates that are posted. Here is how it will work.

All entries must have the little hat on the O found in the header. Here are some examples from the last contest so you can see what we’re talking about.


Since this will end up being resized to fit it’s recommended that you choose a format that won’t require trimming the image. For example 400 x 400 is big enough to fit in the fan art section and yet still be easy to resize.

You’re free to design whatever image you’d like and original characters are welcome. Different colors are allowed but make sure they don’t clash with our site colors. The only restriction is you cannot use someone else’s art without their permission.

Once you have your art done simply submit it with the tags theotaku & news art contest. Also please don’t resubmit previous entries. If you want to alter them a bit to resubmit then that’s fine, otherwise any entry that is merely reposted will be disqualified.

If there are questions simply comment here. We look forward to seeing what you all come up with.

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