Nino Umaka Inspiration Musica! :D

Alright! It's been a while since I've made a challenge and it's about time I did something.

So, I know personally a lot of my art is inspired by a song of some kind. In this challenge I want you to draw a picture inspired by a song. That's it. Simple right? I can be any song from any genre any language any length. I really don't care what the song is. But I do want you to link the song in your description so I can listen to it and see how it inspired your picture.

Now the catches, yes there are catches. You picture HAS to be colored, and have some sort of background. Now it doesn't have to be a fancy background, but at least more than a plain white background. Reason why I want this is because the colors you use and also the background you put also can be inspired by the song you're listening to. Simple as that.

So here's the simplified rule list!

~Draw a picture based off a song
~Has to be colored
~Has to have some sort of background
~Link the song in your description
~You can have up to 3 entries
~Digital and traditional are both accepted.
~Keep it PG-13.
~Follow theO rules
~Optional: Dedicate it to me so I can see it faster.
~And the most important rule....Have fun with it!
EDIT Black and white will be accepted if I can see you purposely wanted it like that. You know, like shaded and everything. Not just line art scanned/left unfinished. Some songs do inspire a black and white theme. I understand that, I just wasn't thinking of it at the time I created the challenge. ;)

Now what you want to hear, the prizes. First I'll be judging how well I see the song in your picture. I know that sometimes the picture you draw and the song really don't mix. That's why I want to listen to the song while looking at your picture. Which ever ones I feel the most moved by will win. So it's really anybodies game!

1st prize~ 3 gifts and a full-body picture of 2 people max drawn by me.
2nd prize~ 2 gifts and a full-body picture of 1 person max drawn by me.
3rd prize~ 1 gift and a chibi picture drawn by me.

You have one month! Any question just ask!

P.S. I'm going to be gone the week the contest ends, but be rest assured I'll judge the entries as soon as I get back.

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I Won't Hear One More Word About... ~moonlit dream
For Years and Years ~kita mikichi
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