Kitty K.O. What Makes You "Squee?"

I wanted to make a challenge to get some people involved. Ahaha... Kitty-san felt left out...Okay, basically this challenge is for you to draw a fanart of what makes you go "squee!" or "eee!" or "OMG!" =^_^=

For the rules:

1) Should be either colored or have clean line work and shading. No plain lineart please.

2) Nothing too graphic. No extreme nudity (if there a slight bit of booty showing, that's acceptable =^_^;=). No extreme gore either, please.

3) Can be from any category you wish. Original or Naruto, Gintama or D.gray, etc. etc... (though it seems I had to pick Original... so maybe it should just be Original Anime and Manga... =o.O=)

4) Please keep in mind that I reserve the right to extend or cancel the competition if there aren't enough competitors. I would like there to be at least 8 people participating, so if you can spread the word to interested members please.

5) Remembered to add this... Along with your fanart, please include a detailed description explaining why said thing make you "squee." Thank you in advance. =^_^=

And for prizes:

1st Place: Two fully colored requests and a gold medal

2nd Place: One color request, one B&W request and a silver medal

3rd Place: Two B&W requests and a bronze medal

And for all other participants, I'll draw a collective "Thank you for participating" art piece. That's one for the rest.

You all have O-N-E month to do this, okie doke? =^_^= Let's see some nice stuff from y'all.

ADDITION! ATTENTION! (Thursday, 8-20-09, 11:03pm) To those of you who have entered, the deadline is almost here. For those who haven't gotten one in, you have til midnight on Friday. =^_^= I'll announce the winners on my world "KD's World" late Saturday night. Sorry that I didn't put this up in the first place, but I failed to have the foresight to do so. =^_^;= Gomen ne... Details will be posted there for the winners and such, so be sure to check KD's World on Sunday (or Saturday if you're on that late...) to see if you won. And even if you don't win 1-3 place, keep an eye peeled! You may get an honorable mention! Good luck to all!

And ready, set, GO!!!

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We All Squee for.... ~Namihazure Sama
"Squee" challange ~Koji Sujimoto
sQueeeeee challenge 4 kitty ~gunArt
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