FalseDelusion Design a Male Character for Me

Background story:
I write stories that I don't want my family or friends to read/know about, so I need an alias.

I'm looking for a first and last name, as well as a physical appearance drawing that fits all the requirements below.


  • Male, age 20-25ish. Caucasian. Human.
  • Names cannot be: Anthony, Tyson, Nathanial, Ashlin, Damian, Sky, Ace, König, Lucius, Valentine, Dietrich, Castiel, Leo/Leonard, Dorian, Dmitry, Terron, Alex, Ryan Kanters, Damon, Keith, John, Seth, Remond, Anderson, Patrik, Judice. (Sorry for being picky, but these are characters in my story lol)
  • Unlimited submissions, but please don't spam.
  • No fanarts of existing characters from anywhere.
  • Colour not required, but greatly preferred.

Random facts that may or may not help/inspire:
I do martial arts. Like dogs/wolves, snow leopards, and hawks. Favorite band is Linkin Park. Favorite colours are white, black, and red. Forth year economics student.

What you will be judged on:

  • Meeting all requirements mentioned above.
  • How cool the name and design is.
  • Some weight will be put on the actual drawing presentation and how esthetically pleasing it looks. Although this is not the focus of the challenge, how well you draw your design and how much effort you put in will have some effect on the judging.

Who will be judging:
Me, girlfriends, and 15385bic.

Prize for the Winner:
A drawing of up to 2 characters (fanart or OC). May or may not be coloured, depending on how the lineart turns out (some of my drawings just looks a lot nicer not coloured. You can see for yourself: Gallery)
With your permission, I might end up selling prints of whatever I draw you. If I do, I can send you a print of it free of charge if you want.
Oh, and you'll also get a theOtaku gift + medal XD

Other two winners will get gift + medal.

Deadline: One month.

Good luck and have fun!

Thanks to everyone who participated! The winners were chosen through voting. 70% of the decision was based on the name, and 30% on art.

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