chocolatemud Creating Main Characters!!

hello there everybody!!!
im back after a long time of no challenges to make on that will hopefully get lots of entries!!!!

ok so here is the point of the challenge

im am going to be writing a manga but i really cant draw that well. so what i am saying is that i need your help!!

i need help making the two main characters!!! it is a couple!! a boy and a girl a chico and a chica

i know what your thinking "why audrey why!?!?! why are you writing a love story!?!?" hey its not just any love story im writing a love story...... drum roll please...... of two American Otakus!!! hahahaha so yea i want you guys to draw a couple!!


please nothing inappropriate of course
traditional or digital is fine i just want to see some awesome art!!
im giving you two months so that i have time to write maybe enough for a few chapters...
just normal Otaku Rules people nothing to fancy i dont want to be an art nazi

now as for prizes...... i will make you something (ecard, wallie, iwallie, fan art, etc you choose)

i will choose one person that has the best couple!!
and if you have the best couple you will be able if you want to to be an artist in my book!! you can draw your characters you created along with others characters in a book that i am aiming to be published

also dont worry you wouldnt be the only artist

but this challenge is mainly for finding some artist that are willing to draw in my book for me :D of course you would get credit and if it gets published and makes money.... well we can talk about that later cuz i suck with math XD

i know this is confusing so if you have any questions please just shoot me a pm or comment here and i will answer asap and answer your question as best i can

<3 Audrey

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my couple..Luke and Hazel ~satchirakazuki
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couples for chocolatemud ~aesha eiz Louel
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