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Hello, my bros/sisses!
I have thought of doing this challenge ever since I was promoted to an Otakuite++!
I know it's a promotion or two late, I've just been lazy and all. But let me get to the point before I ramble.

To those who read my stories (For this Challenge I will do "Nightmare Princess", "Element Tekk", and regrettably "Wave Boy")
on this world (I really need to change that world's name)
I would like you to draw any character from that series.
A special twist to this, you don't HAVE to draw them as they are imagined to be by my dictatorship.
You can draw them however you see fit.

The option, nevertheless, still stands to draw it the way they were intended.
I will not list characters to draw right here. If you do not read my stories but still want to participate, please PM me personally and I will give you a list.
(I considered the option of drawing it as you see fit to those who do not take interest to my stories but would still want to participate in the Challenge.)

If you haven't read any of the stories, browse the world, please.
That is all.
.Sorry to do this to you, but at max, 3 entries
.Backgrounds don't matter to me at all (although going the extra mile would appeal to me more)
.Please dedicate them to me
.You don't have to, though
.Please write the title of the story the character belongs to

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