Moka Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

"Can you feel the love tonight? It is where we are. It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer that we got this far."

That's right! Time for another of Moka's super-fun challenges! (Person from the back of the crowd: "ENOUGH WITH THE CHALLENGES ALREADY!!!")

Okay, so, the theme of this one is, you guessed it, love! Not like the other challenge I created based off of love. This one is just about love in general. It can have funny things, romantic things, just your thoughts on love. Or, you can just draw two people in love or symbols for it such as heats, Cupid, etc.

Time for rules!

Rules for this Challenge

1. Nothing over a rating of PG-13, please. There are minors on this site (Including myself) that don't need to be scarred for life.

2. That's it! Other than have fun with this~

You may use characters from anime as well. If you have an OC and would like to use them, that's fine as well. Just give us a little description~

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The Love Triangle ~MangaKid
Reunion ~kita mikichi
Can you feel the love tonight?? ~mootouman
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