Excel in Cipherland Drawing Contest!

Celebrating 100 pages of Excel in Cipherland, Two years of publishing and Three years and a half of writing it

Yes, it's been that long and that SLOW! If you don't know what Excel in Cipherland is click [X]

O.k so our two year anniversary is on July 18th, 2013 but I decided to celebrate it all together! The contest will still be around during that date, deadline: July 30th!

Enough about that. The challenge. Very simple. Just draw one of the characters or a bunch of the characters you've seen through the comic, there's plenty of them.

List of some:

1. Hyperbola
2. Parabola
3. Asymptote
4. Cathetus A, Cathetus B, Hypotenuse
5. Ellipse
6. The nurses
7. The Doctor, (he doesn't have a face but you can make one up!)
8. The little judge
9. Acid David
10. The Excels
11. The court reporter, Agnes
12. Excel 1+2+3

For reference flip through the comic book itself or visit my fanart portfolio were you will see a lot of colored fanart of the characters. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


1. No yuri/yaoi
2. No nudity
3. Feel free to assign the characters whatever clothes and colors you want, as for skin and hair color and eye color you should stick to the original so we can recognize them, that's if you wanna do a color version but you can do black and white as well.
4. Enter as many times as you want!!!


I sub to all who enter, unless I'm already subbed to them. To the winners I send them a gift (one of those gifts on the backroom)!!! Yay!!! Sorry if the gifts suck.................

****If you have any questions, ask away!!!****

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