AriaFlosh Inspiration from music

Hello everyone it;s the first time i am making a challenge and i hope you 'll like it !

so here is what you need to do:

You need to go to youtube choose your favorite and most inspiring song you know , then take a paper and a pencil and start drawing !
As you undertand you need to draw something based on the song which you will later put in the inscription!
~follow the O rules
~the drawing can be anything except from yaoi and yuri(i don't know if i spelled them riGht XP)
~it can be colored or not, whatever suits you best
~you need to dedicate your work to me so that i can see it quicker
~As i said before, in the inscription put the name of the song you choose and if you want say why you chose it.
~it can be either digital or traditional.

Now about the prices :
1st place will win 2 presents a sub and a drawing from me
2nd place will win 1 present a sub and a drawing from me
3rd place will win a sub and a drawing from me
4th place will win a sub and a drawing (not colored)

So you have 1 month goodluck to everyone
P.S: there is a limit of 3 submitions for each person.

later notice : just because there are so many drawings i'm gonna make a fourth place

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