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Hello! Chivee here with my very super first challenge! I have no idea how to present one of these fancy little things but I'm going to try my hardest for you all~

Alright! Now on to the challenge~ Now the title and such may allude to the idea that this is like a "draw your OC" kind of thing, and it kind of is. But it isn't~ Yup, I'm good at explaining. Anyway! This is simple...

I want you to draw yourself~
But there's a few catches to this. I would also like to say this challenge ISN'T about your drawing or really your ability to draw, this is all about how you show me who you are~ I want to get to know everyone and this seemed the easiest and funnest way~

1) Draw yourself (though it doesn't have to look like you, it had to represent you) in an anime/video game style of your liking
2) Draw something that explains who you are (Ex. If you like Pokemon, draw yourself with something Pokemon, if you like swimming, draw yourself at a pool or something)
3) Give yourself something that represents you (Ex. I would have a pet bunny or have bunny ears or something because I'm often called a bunny)
4) Please dedicate it to me (I want to be able to easily find all your beautiful work~)
5) Have a ton of fun and be creative

- Make it like a character sheet, draw little emotions, explain things
- Draw a little scene or something that happens in your life a lot
- If you don't want to draw yourself, use an OC that's a lot like you

Everyone understands everything? If not, please come talk to me~
Now on to the good stuff~

(Every person who places will get a sub and a gift and all prizes will be colored)
3rd Place *a little sketch of their choosing*
2nd Place *either a chibi or a head shot*
1st Place *we'll talk and decide what you would like*

Even if you don't place in this, I'll likely sub to you anyway and I will happily talk to you~ I love making friends~ <3 Please tell your friends about this, even if they don't want to join, I want to meet them~

<3 You have two months lovely people, have fun! <3

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