Starscream Summer

So, here it'll soon be summer. Over the other side of the world I believe it's all winding down towards autumn and winter. Regardless, feel free to enter!

The Challenge

●Create art in any medium based on YOUR interpretation of what summer is. It can be a memory, a feeling, something like when all the flowers bloom, when you take a vacation, eating ice cream, hanging with buds. Anything that means something to you personally.


●Enter only once (So be sure to refine your entry so it's how you want it)
●New art only (I don't want to see resubmitted work)
●Black and white is fine so long as you can capture what you need to be captured in it
●Feel free to draw yourself, or even replace individuals with favourite characters if you want
●Stick to site rules (Especially if drawing beach wear. We don't want overly suggestive stuff)
●Any skill level welcome (This will be judged on the concept, not the skill of the artist)

You have one month. Have fun! :)

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A Day at the Beach ~Keba Si Rota
What summer means to me ~outlawedgirl
Summertime Fun <3 ~nikkeh09
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