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Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm back with something new... something really new in fact I want you guys to draw me a character from a new anime or manga! It gets tiring seeing all of the same old same old on here so why not spice it up with new characters!! Examples: Food Wars, My Love Story, Naruto Generations ect. Here are the rules:

*It has to be a character
*From either a manga or anime
*It has to be new like in the past two years new
*As many entries as you want
*Digital or traditional
*Does not have to be colored
*Even if the manga is older as long as the anime is new is ok ^^
*If it has both manga and anime its ok you can draw either
*Depending on the popularity i may accept sequels

Everyone who enters will receive a gift

Glorious prizes oh yes the prizes ^^

1st place gets two fan arts and a wallie
2nd place gets one fan art and a wallie
3rd place gets a fan art

I may do a runner up again since its hard for me to pick only three winners!

I wish you all the luck and please please let me know if you have any questions

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