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Hello again!! My first challange just ended, but i'm reaaaaallllyyyyy obsessed with sailor moon right now!! So i thought maybe it would make a good challange?! Becides i would love to see some really beautiful artworks of sailor moon characters ^^

About the Challenge..

I would like you to draw something from Sailor Moon,Sailor Moon Crystal both series or manga.
It can be The logo, some Items (like the holy Grail or the star power stick etc) but i really would LOVE to see some of the charakters or some cool villains ^^

*It can be drawen digitaly or traditionaly.
*Does not have to be human
*It doesnt have to be only one character included(you can do draw as many as you want)
*No background needed (but would give you some extra points hi hi)
*No Crossovers or OC's please
*As many entries as you want (but only one can win)
*You have three months


Keep it family friendly. (Please no foul language, yaoi/yuri/other sexually-themed stuff, etc.)

Dedicate it to me, so i can see it as soon as possible ^^


1st place: A Gift and a Colored Sailor moon fanart (winners choice)
2nd place: A Gift and A fast sailor moon charakter fanart (winners choice)
3rd place: A Girft and A sketch of a sailor moon character (my choosing)

Have fun and good luck!! <333

P.Sorry for my awfull English lol

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