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Hey there, everyone~

I hope you started well off into the new year. Are you all healthy and motivated, with some time at your hand? Then, how about joining this little challenge? It´s an easy one. I would like you to show me how much you love your fav Anime and/or manga characters and how many there are.

Let´s got to - let´s call it - rules:

- Stick to those made by TheO (though I think I don´t really have to remind you)
- Please refrain from using your OC´s only (I won´t mind them mixing with your other favs since I know one loves ones babies the most)
- multiple entries are allowed, but only one will be chosen
- that being said, I would like you to at least portray four of your favs on the same pic (could look something like this, but mustn´t neccessarily show that many at once)
It would be nice to see them interacting with each-other, but sticking with my kinda crappy example is perfectly fine, too!

Please have fun~

As for the prizes.
First prize: a drawing and two sketches of your favs or - if wished - OC´s
Second prize: a drawing and one sketch of your favs or - if wished - OC´s
Third prize: a drawing of your favs or - if wished - OC´s

Depending on how many enter there might be runner-up(s), if you give me a really hard time chosing. They will get a surprise, most likely.

As for the time, you have three months. If there are still any questions left, just pm me or put it up in the comments section.

So, ready, set...GO! No, jokes aside, I would love it if you could enter~

See you around ^v^b

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Love me in the classroom of the academia, pretty guardian one-punch Bobokero! ~Groovy Boar
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