SG Creations Fashion Through the Ages (OC contest)

NOTICE! this challenge ends this Thursday! make sure you're finished by then!

Kay, this is my first challenge so I would like to let everyone know so if I screw up, I apologize for my Newb-ness in advance ^^' lol

anyways, down to business -

I love history, and one thing that I love about it is how much fashion and clothing trends change from age to age and decade to decade.
I also love seeing other people's character designs a.k.a. OCs, original characters, etc.

so as you've probably guessed from the title, I'm combining those two interests in this contest, I think it would be a wonderful display of diversity and creativity if you would all take one OC (Original Character) and put them in outfits and/or settings from an era of time that you think best suits them, it could be classical, like the 1800's, it could be vintage like the 1950's or whatever, it could even be medieval or Renaissance or anything in between.
And remember, each era had different sets of styles, whether based on personal taste or social standing, for instance, if your character would look good from the 1800's, would they look good in wealthy attire, or would something simple like a frontiersman's (or woman's) outfit fit them and their personality better? it's up to you!


  • Limited to traditional media, meaning anything having to do with your hand working on a piece of paper, drawing pencils, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  • Anime/Manga style, please.
  • No line art - I at least want to see an attempt at shading or color, depending on your chosen media, I would like to see finished pictures.
  • entrants are allowed one entry each
  • chose one character for your subject
  • Important! this is for original characters only, no fan characters, so no Naruto OC's or any other characters created and attached to an existing anime or manga series.
  • it can be in any setting you want, as long as it's appropriate, no Nudity or excessive blood/gore
  • you do not have to make a background, but it would be nice, if anything, at least give them some props - example: 1800's farm girl - prop could be a milk pail.
  • It can be from any era you like or any style within an era
  • Things to state in your description - Your character's name, character's age, time period illustrated - tell me what style you were going for, for older eras, whether they're rich, poor, middle class, etc., optional - why you chose the era and style for the particular character you illustrated

Judging Points

  • Historical accuracy (I'm not saying don't make it your own, just don't lose the feel of the fashion and era)
  • Pose (make it interesting, they don't have to be all over the place, but try to make them look real and alive)
  • General quality - i.e. execution, attention to detail, consistency, etc. NOTICE: this does not include the quality of the scan or photograph of the image, so long as the general look and intentions of the artwork is not compromised, you're fine.

PSSST! want Brownie points? do research, whatever era of fashion you chose, go ahead and google it or flick through an encyclopedia and do some homework on it! then if you can, post what kind of research you did, what images you looked up, what sites you went too, etc. doesn't have to be an essay, could be, "researched on google" or something

well, that's it, have fun with it, and give it all you got! you have 1 month! good luck! ^^

Prizes - Definitely Medals, for first, second, and third place, not sure how to use gifts yet (as I said, I'm a newb still) but may add those.

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