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**EDITED 1/4/10**

This challenge will be going until June 2009 but since i can only have this open for one month, i'll make a part TWO once this expires ^^ so you have more time to draw!! :D

you can follow me on deviantart ^^

SO please JOIN ^^


Hello :D Well here's my reason for making this a challenge ^^; I'm a horrible artist when it comes to people D:

But I'm also a writer, as most of my friends know ^.^

Currently I've been really thinking about one of the main characters in my story, [a new one the I've been thinking of, which is different from the one I usually talk about ^^;]. So when I tried drawing him, it was just terrible ;___;

This is where all you lovely otakus come in :D I want everyone to draw Faust ^_^ My original character :)

I spent 3 hours typing his look, outfit, features, even height! O.O I know my design & fashion sense is highly weird [unique, odd, etc ^^;] but please try to stay to the outfit i want him in~

Even though I'll provide as much detail as my head can think of everyone draws differently, so the winner of this challenege wont be by popularity, but by which is closest to my Faust :)

So everyone has a chance! ^o^

Here is my huge list of details:

I made the description into a link so its easier too view & read:


O_O yes, i know, i typed soooooo much XD

But there are links too :D So visual aids ^^ Feel free to ask me questions too :3 I wanna see some good looking guys ppl :O

Btw, since I thought of him you should keep in mind my idea of all men is VERY bishounen O///O So masculine looking guys will not look like my Faust ^^; Sorry~

Soooo lets see what else?

Well I'll be asking people on my devianart [DNalchemist] to draw a Faust too [maybe ^^], so the winners here & there I'll will see :D

Cause I can only have one Faust ^^; But I'll probably tie the winner here with there LOL

I think for the winner, hmm, the prize? What will it be =

Umm, I guess since I dont draw well...

The winner gets a personalized e-card from their favorite anime/manga series [or other type ^^] by me :O Will that work? ^^

I'll make you a nice, fancy e-card :D

Well thats it ^^ Let the fun begin!

*Examples of anime/manga to look for best bishounen references are, Kiss Me Princess, Princess Princess, & Nana [the women not men O//O]*

Hi ^^ i mentioned in my link of details Faust has a navel ring [belly ring], so the silver ring that is hooked onto the bottom of his shirt is the navel ring ^^; its not some dangle for the shirt, its suppose to be hooked to his upper navel o.o meaning his skin is pierced.

Thank you ^^

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