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Alright people! My first challenge for this year, is for my manga! Cause Ive decided I need to do something with my OCs! So this time the challenge is. . .*drum roll* Make some Love interests for my Ocs, The Kozlov Brothers, Ace and Cross! (Real names are Dema and Dima)

So! I want you guys to make good love interests for mah boyz! They can be sexy, cute, ugly, funny, over all just coocoo! I dont care! (Hopefully, they'll be somewhat compatible with Cross and Ace though. XD) As far as looks and personality, I don't care what it is!

So to have a little clue about who your matching these lovely ladies too, here are Cross and Ace:

Cross (Dema) Kozlov

Ace (Dima) Kozlov

Alright! Rules!

*Please, make your woman fully clothed!
*Uh. Please only female characters, my Ocs arnt gay/bi!
*Please include a short Bio about the lovely young girl.
*Please make their age legal. (I'm mostly saying this for Cross cause he is 18, so give him a girl that is 18 or up.)
*You don't have to draw both of them a girl, you can choose one and then draw the match, or both, I don't care!
*You can have up to 3 Entries
*Please, dedicate your work to me (Creme Of Rolo) So I can keep track of everyone's entries. (You wont get disqualified if you forget, I just want to remind.)
*It dosn't have to be colored, but I'd like it. If it's not; please list the colors of their skin, hair, eyes, clothes, ECT. in the short bio.


I'm only having one to two winners! (depending on their entry)

Prize for both: Colored Line art (Traditional or Cged)
The winner's Character is used in the Manga and Pictures.
(Please know that if you win this contest, your handing all rights of your character over to me. It's like adoption. . .but with paper.)

Enjoy, have fun!

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