Design a Kitty =^_^= *WINNERS PLEASE READ*

Well I originally wanted only 3 winners, but I fell in love with alot of these kitties x3 There are so many talented and amazing artist :O

I never imaged I would see all these cute drawings :3

So while not everyone will get theO medal, I am going to use you're images in my store ^_^

Winners :

lutaru - the best looking gentleman :D

Manen - the most creative and cutest x3

Angel Zakuro - super adoreable and I loved the hat :3

Additional winners:

Ulterego333 - after fixing the tail I just adore you kitten, he's so different and lively and cute x3

xxAbsol95xx - So well drawn, and stunning :D I really loved the details and it looked so perfect

magicbut3rfly - Very graphic o.o looks cool and like almost 3-D :O

jkhkitty - so cute :3 loved the body but I wished you scanned the background white ^^; [please adjust this and then i'll use it in my store, please :D]

xfishyx - I just wanna hug your kitty ;D It's like a baby gentleman kitty xD

Very good artist but didn't win, sorry! :

fire flower - very pretty kitty, but not what I wanted ^^;

xerin - while very well drawn, it didnt seem very appealing too me, so sorry :(

ulterego333 - while the 1st one won, the other kitty, while the body was beautiful :3 the stripes didn't look too much like stripes, i did notice swirls? ^^ pretty but a little off :( But while this kitty didn't win i do very much love it :D the eyes are so cute x3

kitsune24 - while i did love the kitty face, i wished you made it a full image

micahu - the most lovely kitten of all, by far the best in details, the flower was just an amazing touch, but the gray background is something i didnt like. if you re-scan it that would be nice :)

alphonse13 - very cute, remained me of the original :D but while cute it didn't really seem to compare well with others ^^; sorry!

oasaka4556 - very good job but i didn't like the way the stripes were drawn :( sorry...

magicbut3rfly - your second kitty while cute, i loved his face x3 but the body i am not to fond of ^^; sorry. i think a body more like ulterego333's second kitty with be better, [the one that looks like kyo.]

Ok :D Now then Prizes, additional details, etc!

The top 3: will get customized samples, and stationery sets that will be sold at my store ^_^ Your images will also be used in other products, like posters, shirts, jewelry, etc. ALSO if I am doing well or your drawings become best sellers, I may ask for more drawings with a theme? [while you can decline please keep in mind you have permission to draw Mr. Gentleman in any way you wish, like drinking tea, or playing with yarn xD whatever? These requests can be deadline free, or you can draw on your own time and send it to me and I will consider selling the drawing or using it as a poster ^_^]

Bonus 5: depending on how I can use your drawing they may become part of the logo, watermarks, labels, or stationery sets ^_^ Sample will be given if they sell :) or I have extras.

If you want a second shot please try drawing using themes to get your drawing in posters, prints, or jewelry :D

Other 8:

**Micahu: If you fix your image I will put you in a winner position :)

Others, while I did not pick you as winner, I am happy you joined in and I hope you had fun :D

Now then this contest has come to an end ^.^ Hopefully there will be a second one? :O if ppl want to try drawing Mr. Gentleman with themes, I'll do a 3-month challenge ^_^

So thank you! I will note top 3 winners with ideas and info in May when I order store supplies, and when I get my laptop.

Bonus 5: I will send you updates whenever I use your pictures ^_^

Please PM me if you ever want me to consider your kitty ^_^ bye~!

Hello ^-^

The purpose of this contest is to design a kitty :D

BUT not just some kitty, my store mascot ^.^

Yup! I’m working at a store and we need some cute little mascots!

The mascot for my store is called Mister Gentleman. He’s a very nice, polite, cute [although he prefers handsome x3] kitten who came all the way from Singapore o.o

No, he not a real kitten ^^; He’s a cute little sock doll made by the artist Ms.Echo!

This is him in Singapore: click here!

After he came to me [in US ^-^]:

click here!

If you couldn’t tell I bough this cutie from Ms. Echo ^_^ She custom made it just for me~

She gave me permission to use him for the store mascot with credits for her.

Now, let’s get done to what I’m looking for in the contest!

Draw a picture of Mister Gentleman. The picture shouldn’t be too difficult, something simple and with high resolution.

Just him with a white background is fine ^-^

Examples of simple kitty ideas:

click here!

So most of these images are Kyo lol but basically I like Kyo’s simple look o.o

You could do details but I want the anime like cartoon kitty ^-^ Not a self-portrait of a plushie XD

Okay? And if you notice the raindrop cutie that’s just an example of another animated version ^-^

So basically animate Mister Gentleman :D


No sexy kitty! [he’s cute, and innocent, keep him like that.]
No drawings on line paper, please.
You can submit small size but keep a really large scan or digital drawing in your computer.
If you want to draw him sleeping or eating [fishie?] or putting on his bowtie [would be cute X3] go ahead, but first submit your drawing of him ^-^

Use white background because winner’s will have their drawing use for my store so I’ll be using there image for diffenert uses.

If you’d like making a cute background [in a basket? On a comfy chair or something else.] its cool, just scan the blank background then put the fancy one :]

Also if you reeeeally wanna make him into a guy [XD anyone tempted?] you can but please be tasteful, I always thought he’d be like Haji o.o [Blood+].

Ohhh! Don’t FORGET his pretty bowtie :D It’s too cute to leave out, so don’t lol

My store is very new so we can’t pay for professional artist, SO by entering this contest you are giving me permission to use you drawing for my store without expecting any commissions, alright?

If I use the drawing for a letter set or banner you can’t come fight with me about it, got it?

This is a contest to pick the person who gets to be the artist for Mister Gentleman.

The prize is only the Gold Medal here, and promotional goodies from my store [when available, and this will be given at random].

If you agree to this, please enter and have fun ^-^

I of course promise to give credit so you’ll be recognized for your efforts, ok good luck :D

Whatever drawing style you like using is good with me :D

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Gentleman Kitty Challange ~lutaru
Mister Gentleman Kitty ~Manen
mr.gentleman kitty. :) ~Angel Zakuro
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