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Hello guys!
Dark here and with a new challenge for you. This time the theme is "In the shadows", which means it's time for dark, morbid and
horror filled art work from the gloomy part of human mind.

I'm not telling you what to draw, but I want the human to be the main character in the picture. Demons, devils and other evil/twisted being are
allowed, BUT it must not take the attetion from the human. This challenge is about the dark nature of a human. (example: the seven deadly sins)

You have to choose one of the titles I made and draw from it:

"Devil in disguise"
"Come and end your grief"
"Behind the mask"
"Screams from within"
"Pale Colors"
"Houses of cards"
"Tear me apart"
"It's killing time, baby..."
"Lullaby for a vampire"
"You broke my heart and I broke your neck"
(Not all bad titles are they ^^;)

*If the picture fits the title(5+)
*if you color it; either in sin city? style, black and white or full color(4+)
*if you use strong colors(3+)
*if you draw very morbid and eye catching(2+)
*if you make something original(1+)

The rules are:
*try to use the whole picture, don't leave any empty spots
*be creative
*it must be clear drawing and not a doodle you did at the last second
*NO stealing!
*have fun! :D
*you can use your own characters

The prizes are:
1st...2 colored pictures
2nd...1 lineart and a gift

If you got any questions to ask, PM me, not comment.

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Lullaby for a Vampire ~
You Broke My Heart.. ~KungPowChicken
Come and end your grief ~krokun
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