*~ One Piece Fanart ~*

Okay! the challenge is draw a character from One Piece, simple right? I'm still trying to get more One Piece Fanart, Wallpapers, ecards etc out there!

You can draw more than one character in the picture, you can draw Anyone from One Piece, one of the strawhats, a friend, Villain, Supernove, Shichibukai, etc, you can even draw characters from other animes if you want but the pic has to include atleast 1 One Piece character, you can draw them however you want, have fun~!

-- Rules -- Guildlines -- Tips --

+ Chibi's are allowed.
+ Neko's are allowed.
+ Oc's can be used but has to include atleast 1 one piece character.
+ Pairing's are allowed
+ Does not have to have a background
+ Does not have to be colored
+ You can submit as many submissions as you want,

My little sister Nikki my friend Jack and i will be Judging

~~~~~~~~ Prizes ~~~~~~~~~~

1st Place: 3 ecards and 1 fanart of your choice
2nd Place: 2 ecards and 1 fanart of your choice
3rd Place: 1 ecard and 1 fanart of your choice

All who Participate with get a Gift and ribbon.

To those i invited you do NOT have to join i just always write down the first few names i can think of so i always end up inviting different people

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