Angstlichkeit Cover design!

Draw a cover for my comic, because I am all out of Ideas for it! If I like your design, I will use it, and redraw it as my own. You will also get a official page(With your version of the cover), dedicated to you, and I'll draw you an original character of your choice!

Winner will receive a ruby metal. Second place will receive a gold medal, and third a bronze.
The 3 of you will get a picture drawn for you( Of an original character), probably a head shot, but maybe more. Only a sketch, unless I/ you say otherwise.

REMEMBER, SKILL IS NOT AN ISSUE! I just want to see what you have!

Please enter, I'm having horrible artist block!

Can contain boy-love, has to have Cyn on the cover (Cyn and Drayden can be featured, but being that Cyn is the main character, he has to be on it) Drayden alone cannot be featured.

Here is a picture of the two of them for the people who are not familiar with my comic.

(Cyn left, Drayden right)

The picture does not have to be colored!!! It can be a line art, or a sketch! I just need a really good idea, you know, something that makes people go "woooowww"

If you want to do a boy-love picture, don't make it porno.

Character info.

Cyn, he is 16, and very stubborn. He likes smoking, and dressing in extremely flamboyant clothing. He is short-ish (5'7'') reddish/black hair (So more like a dark brownish red.), brown eyes, and pale skin. (Wears black nail polish) He is "scene" (Dresses emo)

Drayden, is 18, really tall (6'2'') has tan skin, where his hair is black with the ends dyed red. He has blue eyes, and snake bites (Lip piercings). He likes wearing bright colors.

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