nikuro Otaku summer party!!

Summer is coming!
What you aren't feeling her fresh breeze?Well let my lil challenge help you with it.All you got to do is draw your selves,or your Oc during summer time!You can also add other members of the Otaku sharing a sunny day at the beach with you,playing different summer games .
-It can be digital or traditional(water colors too)
-There can be two entries per artist.
-It must be a creation of yours(don't steal others ideas)
-There must be summer element's(beach,water,sun ect.)
-It must be colored(what a summer without colors?Are you kidding me?)

-A little surprise for you(you can add a fan character of your fav anime at your party a limit of 3charas)
-the place can be real or imaginary.
-And don't forget The O rules.
I't's going to be judge in base of your creativity and how much you will be able to capture summer stuff in a piece of paper(and normally in base of the artist grade)

1#-a medal,my submittion to you and a digital work of you choice!
2#-a medal,my submittion to you and a sketch work of your choice!(sketch I mean B&W)
3#-A medal,my submittion to you and a traditional sketch of your choice!
Ps:For all the joiners a consolation prize will be awarded at the endof the challenge(to thank you for your participation)
You got one month for it(yeah let's make it quick)So start and make masterpieces people
PLZ will you guys dedicate the work to me so i can be noticed for all the enties

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Ahoy! BANANA! ~
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Hi there friend!

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