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This is part One of Two contests! Yes you read right! TWO CONTEST! PART ONE....
Yup, this is the part where u, yes you, will draw any chibi, ANY Chibi of YOUR CHOICE!
Thats right, and all you have to do is draw it in black and white. o.o

It must be in black and white (duh)
It must be inked and only inked, don't shade it unless you use inking shading technique things. o.o Its best not to shade at all, really. o.o
Make sure that all your lines are conspired to the three C's
Crisp, Clean and Clear.
No Nastyness (gore or Nudity) Lets make chibis what they were ment to be. o.o Cute Minis of all our favorite characters .^.

You will enter! But only for the first part. If you are better at coloring, then by all means wait till the next time around. Because thats when they get colored, by other ppl! Yup. But you still have a good change of winning the linart!

This contest is judged by quality, the three C's, and creativity. So please, .^. keep an eye on those. ^_^

One last note, I invited everyone I know. .o. Yes that means even those of you who can't draw! If you can't draw u don't have to enter. o.o if you don't feel like it you don't have to enter. .^. If you've never draw before! you can still enter. ^_^

Mention, for WallPaperOtaku, who help found this idea. .^. So give her a big hand! giant hand puns this time. :P


Entree's and why the won.

1) Sakura Chibiness
Won for being the most creative. :D You gotta admit X3
2) Snow Fight won for being the second most creative, as it was placed in a real time setting.
3)Not Cho Cheese came in third place, because I have never seen a chibi in nachos, much orochimaru.

Thank you all for participating. :D Wallpaperotaku will now began the second half of the contest. :) don't worry, I'm sure she'll invite you all. LOL

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Sakura Chibinessssssss! ~wallpaperotaku
Snow Fight ~krizomet
Not Cho Cheese ~AvariceTears
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