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Ahhh hello there!
It's been a while since I've created a challenge... but I was just so inspired a few seconds ago, so now I need make one based on it.

This time, my challenge is inspired by this wonderful and uber adorable artwork by King-sama.

The challenge here is to draw an animal, person ... m-monster(? O AO) ... in an originally designed TheO costume.

Requirements (yeah, I know. Rules suck D8):
• Must be by YOU.
• Must include TheO related clothing
• It may or may not include other things related to TheO. That is entirely up to you. Make it your own!
• Must be, at the very least linearted nicely.
• Please dedicate all works to Adam C: Though that's optional on your part.
• Limit ONE ENTRY per person! Make it count!

You have 3 months to complete this challenge.

Judging will be based on:
• Creativity (50%)
• Relevance to the challenge (10%)
• Quality (20%)
• Effort (20%)

Prizes are as follows (yay, the good part!):
Since I'm in such an uber wonderful mood, I'm giving REAL prizes this time round!

1st Place: One originally designed TheOtaku keychain and 2 large TheOtaku stickers by me. As well as a medal, of course!
2nd Place: 1 large original TheOtaku sticker, a medal, and a card request.
3rd Place: 1 small original TheOtaku sticker, a medal, and a card request.

Please be aware that if you win this challenge and you want to claim your prizes, I will need an address to send your winnings off to. If you win and feel uncomfortable with that, just talk to me and we can negotiate a different prize C:


Thank you, and good luck! <3~

Does the character have to be original too?
No, the character can be fan art. Only the outfit has to be original C:

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