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Okay, so i'm pretty sure you Kingdom Heart fans know about this world huh, especially if you joined Soji's world, Organization Oblivion. So what's the challenge? Here it is:

So the challenge is to draw your Organization Oblivion OCs doing something they would do in Castle Oblivion. you can draw one or more in the picture and you can also submit as many fanart as you want into this contest.

theme: anything you want! It could be a cool picture, their specialty, killing sora i mean fighting sora..., annoying another OC, cosplaying, getting ladies, meeting their somebody, anything, as long as there is a description of what is going on. If you want to, Yaoi and Yuri are allowed, just not too graphic k. i want to keep my eyes attached and i'm sure Soji does too =+=lll also if it is with another person's Oc, make sure to warn them or credit it okay!!

The picture can be colored or left black and white, it doesn't matter to me. The judges will be Soji and Chibi(me XD).

i'll give you all two months to do it. Hope that will be enough time.

prizes? i'm not sure yet. I need to discuss it with Soji. we really wanted to do this a long time ago, but never really did. XP

i'll fill it in later~

Also, Anyone can join whether you are in the organization or not~

Have fun everyone and good luck~~ ^^

Questions? leave a comment and i'll reply as soon as i can~


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The Beautiful Nightmare: Lexona! ~darKatana
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