i.luv.kiba (Fan Art Portfolio) Goth L (sort of)

Goth L (sort of)
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okay! lot's to talk about on this picture so let's get started!

well first off let me say the hat design was NOT my idea. i found it in the Feb. 2007 issue of Shonen Jump in the fanart section. It was designed for the Millenium Earl from D.Gray Man and my pic gives it absolutely NO credit (the original was way more awesome looking). the only thing i didn't add that was in the picture was it also had a set of demon wings but i didn't feel like attempting ^-^

yeah it's probably unfair that i'm already on 2nd prizes when some of my winners don't even have their first prize but one night i got this idea in my head and i just had to go with it so sorry guys =] . coasgoth originally asked for just a plain old picture of L but I started thinking how awesome L would look dressed up kind of gothic. but i'm not gothic so sorry if i got the look COMPLETELY wrong. i was mainly using my D.Gray Man volumes for inspiration

ummm coloring sucks i know and yes i also know it's not really that colorful. my problem was i started coloring the picture before deciding what color everything would be. also i've never done a side view before so it probably looks a little whacked. ummm yea i guess i've also proven that i have no talent for drawing roses (did you know those were roses?) so you're probably asking why i drew so many of them? personally i don't even know the answer =P

hmmm guess that's enough self critism enjoy. probably best if you look at the high resolution...maybe not.... meh who knows do what you want ^-^ and as always vote/comment/enjoy!

~Colleen the Great~X_X

p.s. did i mention how much i hate drawing hands?

Death Note Fan Art
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