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Tsair And Luin
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Tsair had received orders from the Raikage to follow a possible lead to the whereabouts of a missing-nin. In her search she stumbled across several peculiar looking academy rank ninjas which she didn't recognize their village head bands. They were wearing outfits that didn't match, along with mis-matching bright red shoes, they all seemed to have uni-brows and their hair was styled in what seemed like impossible styles. She followed them invisibly back to the entrance of a large cave system, inside she saw an enormous village and all the inhabitants looked just as ridiculous as the academy ninjas did. She wondered where she was because she thought that she had known the location of all the hidden villages and here was one sitting beneath her that no one knew about except her. She waited until nightfall, although that was difficult to determine because of the location inside the cave, but slowly lights flicked on in the windows of the buildings below. Ready to move out and explore the village to make note and report back to the Raikage, she deftly moved onto the edge of the out crop that she had been hiding in until now. A hand grasped her shoulder. "Beautiful isn't it? I like to come up here and watch the lighting of the night myself." a man spoke with a smooth voice, stepping out of the shadows. "I don't recognize you and I know just about everyone in my village, who are you?" The kindness in his voice set Tsair on edge as not only had she been caught, but she was being asked her identity. This ninja must be the village's kage to have found her and to have snuck up on her. She didn't want to compromise herself, her mission, or her village, but she was caught. "I...I can't tell you. I'm sorry." "That's fine, you must be one of those secret ninjas that Bearkage told us about. I'm not a secret ninja, so I will tell you who I am. I am Luin, and this is the Village Hidden in the Caves." His innocent and trusting nature pulled at her heartstrings, she felt like she had stumbled upon a village that felt no hatred towards others. But why had they kept themselves hidden for so long? She turned around to face her captor, a tatoo under his left eye and a kuni knife earing caught her attention and his green eyes and redish hair kept it there. He smiled at her, his eyes sparkling and she nearly melted, it was nearly impossible for her to maintain her stolid anbu visage around him, she felt herself falling for a man she had just met. "Would you like me to show you around and introduce you to our Bearkage? You'll be my guest and it would be a treat for me to show off our village to a stranger as lovely as yourself." He offered his hand to her as he swept his other arm across the view of the village below. "I would love it if you did." she said, and he led her down into the Village Hidden in the Cave.

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